About Us in Brief

When people ask me “What’s the top-priced asset have you in your company”, I answer that this asset is as gentle as wings of butterfly and it is invisible; we can’t have it in our possession for ever, but we get it insofar as our esteemed customers let us. THIS IS CONFIDENCE.
Can you believe that 50 years of our steady and diligent work were for the sake of such invisible and ephemera, as confidence? However, our life demonstrates that interpersonal confidence and trust make good relations. Your attitude and your support is an outstanding example to illustrate it. We are fully opened, we create products we wish to make, and our aim is to make the world a better place, to give the good, to dream and bet we did. Thanks for your trust! We are real people made of flesh and blood, we are keen on our business, we are available to our friends and we are always with you.

Ivan Semyonov