New Products, Natural Organic Fertilizer

       Lisichansk Gelatin Plant ALC is a manufacturer of PLANT FEEDSTOCK ASH, National Technical Specifications TU-U 38.2.-00418030-008:2015. Due to conversion to alternative fuel, namely, to biological eco-fuel, it is available in stock in constant volumes. Ash contains all main nutrient elements (phosphorus, potassium, calcium).
       There are about 30 microelements in ash, including magnesium, sulfur, iron, boron etc. All of them are in available form for plants.
       The product completed examinations in the National Scientific Centre “Soil Research and Fertilizer Science Institute named after A. Sokolovsky”, National University of Biological Resources and Natural Management, Quality Assurance Laboratory of Ukrainian Agricultural Industry.General use of ash is connected with its application as a fertilizer for different crops (the best results show pine strawberry, strawberry, potato etc.).
       You can use ash as supplementary plant food, in compost formation, in the course of pest control for plants and trees. It is recommended to use ash mainly on acidic soils.