History of Lisichansk Gelatin Plant

In 1968 Lisichansk Glue Plant was accepted for operation.

The plant was directly subordinated to Soyuzkleyzhelatinprom Association (Glue and Gelatin Industry Association of the Soviet Union) of USSR Ministry of Meat and Dairy Products Industry.

On November 6, 1972 construction of gelatin and precipitated calcium phosphate workshops, as well as construction of dsiposal treatment facilities at Lisichansk Glue Plant was approved.

In December 1978 gelatin workshop was accepted for operation.

Taking into account structural changes in the manufacturing process, gelatin production became the dominant one; thus Lisichansk Glue Plant  was renamed as Lisichansk Gelatin Plant.

In 1982 sodium caseinate workshop was accepted for operation (equipment by ANHYDRO, Denmark).

In 1976 glue workshop implemented granulated glue production, in 1983 gelatin workshop started to produce food gelatin in customer-size package on "AKMA" (Italy) automatic production.

In January 1989 dry fruit jelly, one more new product, was successfully mastered.

In 1990, under the order of Ukrainian Public Health Ministry, construction of Remodent (anticaries inhibitory therapeutic agent) production workshop was launched for medication of Chernobyl zone population. Construction of Remodent production workshop was finished in May 1993, production of the agent’s pilot batch took place in July 1993.
On March 22, 1993 Lisichansk Gelatin Plant was reformed as “BISEP” OJSC.

On May 5, 2000 according to the resolution adopted by shareholders on the annual general meeting, “BISEP” OJSC was renamed as Lisichansk Gelatin Plant OJSC.

In 2005 the enterprise was registered in UKRSEPRO certification system. Manufacture of products certified in accordance with the National Standard DSTU ISO 9001-2001, “Quality Management System”.

In 2007 production of protein-based foaming agent, one more new product, was established.
In 2011, pursuant to the Law of Ukraine 514-VI on Joint-Stock Companies dd. September 17, 2008, Lisichansk Gelatin Plant, Open Joint-Stock Company was reformed by rename as LISICHANSK GELATIN PLANT, PUBLIC JOINT-STOCK COMPANY.

Co-operative efforts of Lisichansk Gelatin Plant PJSC and Magarach Wine Trade Research Institute created and produced new product named Enogelatin for clarification of wine.

Products of the enterprise having high consumptive qualities are well-known and highly demanded both in the domestic Ukrainian market, as well as in neighbouring countries and beyond. Production inspection is effected by departmental certified laboratory. Products certified by Safety and Health Conclusion made by Russian Federal Agency on Consumer Rights and Human Welfare.