Bone Semi-Products (National Standard GOST 28189-89)

Bone Semi-Products
Bone Semi-Products
Bone Semi-Products
Bone Semi-Products

Bone semi-products are dry bulk stock including calcium, phosphorus and protein; color: from white to light grey.

Made of bone tankage obtained in bone glue production.

Physical and Chemical Features:

  • grinding coarseness, mm: not above 1; not above 4;
  • calcium weight ratio, % - from 29,8 to 31,3;
  • phosphorus weight ratio, % - from 13,6 to 14,3;
  • protein weight ratio, % - from 6,2 to 11,8;
  • moisture weight ratio, % - not above 10;
  • fat weight ratio, % - not above 3,0.

* Phosphorus accessibility: 75%; in applying in premixed feed it has the most effective ratio of calcium and phosphorus having a beneficial effect on maximal accessibility of these components by animals.

Areas of Use:

  • production of dry animal feed,  compound feedstuff and premixed feed;
  • as fertilizers promote good development of root system (slow-acting fertilizers feed plants with phosphorus during a year after application);
  • in porcelain manufacture give snow-whiteness, brilliance, lightness, translucency, smoothness and stability.

Bone semi-products packed in polypropylene big bags, net weight: 35 kg. At the request of the customer individual packing is possible.

Period of Storing: 6 months.