Enogelatin (National Standard TU U 24.6-00418030-006:2011)

Enogelatin.Lisichansk Gelatin Plant

Enogelatin - is gelatin made of hot gelatin solution by means of special processing in optimal conditions. Forms of the product are powder and liquid. The agent admitted for use in compliance with applicable legislative regulations.

Enogelatin Brands:

  • А – low-hydrolyzed enogelatin;
  • В – medium-hydrolyzed enogelatin;
  • С – highly hydrolyzed enogelatin.


Item Brand Standards
Appearance Globules, powder, solution, granules, plates
Color From colorless to amber
Odor Odorless, sulfur dioxide odor is acceptable in liquid gelatin
Flavor Savorless
Dry solids weight ratio (for solution), % not less 10
Enogelatin solution dynamic viscosity with weight ratio 10%, mPa*s, not above 5,0 2,5-5,0 2,5
Activity index of ions in enogelatin water solution with weight ratio 1%, units (рН) 4-7
Sulfurous acid weight ratio equivalent to SO2 %, not less 0,5

Properties of Enogelatin:

  • Exhibits higher interaction efficiency with phenol compounds than standard gelatin in processing of drinks and wine materials.
  • Tannin precipitation index of enogelatin exceeds values of food gelatin by several times that allows to treat even heavy-bodied red wine materials complex to fining, as well as to improve their organoleptic qualities and ensure long-term stability of drinks.
  • Enogelatin powder easily and smoothly dissolves in cold wine materials without balls formation. Liquid enogelatin allows to use it without preliminary preparation adding it directly to process materials.
  • Low gelling properties of enogelatin allows to treat wines of external uncovered storage, as well as to combine fining with cold treatment.
  • Enogelatin complements with mineral sorbent agents, swelling clay or silicon dioxide colloid solution; tannin may be included to the scheme as may be required. If using enogelatin the amount of mineral sorbent agents halves.
  • Enogelatin treatment of table and stiff wine materials provides for their clarity and anti-tanning stability, supports retaining of standard coloring and flavor, forms balanced taste, prevents bringing of secondary shadings.

Use of Enogelatin:
Appropriate dosing rate is defined by proofing (fining).*

Necessary dosing rate of enogelatin for standard fining:
- Dry commodity form (powder): 0,2 kg/1000 dal;
- Liquid commodity form:
a) 1 l/1000 dal (for white, table and vintage wines);
b) 2 l/1000 dal (for red and stiff wines).

* in accordance with the Process Instruction on Processing of Wine Materials with Enogelatin (PI 00011050-1272-2011) by Magarach Wine Trade Research Institute, National Agricultural Academy of Ukraine.

Packing of Enogelatin:
plastic or other packing allowed for food products weighing 5-50 kg.

Period of Storing:
1 year.