Fruit Jelly (National Standard DSTU 3718-98)

Fruit jelly Apricot
Fruit jelly pineapple
Fruit jelly orange
Fruit Jelly Black Currant
Fruit jelly blueberries
Fruit jelly kiwi
Fruit jelly lemon
Fruit jelly raspberries
Fruit strawberry jelly
Tropic Fruit jelly
Fruit jelly cherries
Fruit Jelly Green Apple

Jelly is a powdered free-running homogeneous mixture of gelatin, sugar and citric acid with added natural or artificial coloring agents and flavor additives.

Fruit jelly (food powder), 12 types with the touch of:

Apricot                           Lemon              
Pineapple                       Raspberry      
Orange                           Black currant   
Cherry                           Bilberry    
Green apple                   Kiwi fruit 
Strawberry                    Tropic

Jelly Cooking Method:

Put 90 g of jelly into 0,4 l of hot boiled water (2 glasses)  mixing it constantly until fully dissolved. Pour it into forms and place in cool space for gelation. Jelly is ready-to-eat after gelation.

Jelly Cake Cooking Method:

"Lesya’s Dessert"

Cook fruit jelly (3 types), ideally of different colors; every color shall be separated. After gelation cut it into dices and put in hollowware.
Now cook sour cream jelly. Take 0,5 l. of non-fat sour cream, whip it with sugar (1/2 glass) until fully dissolved, solve a pack of instant gelatin in water (2 tablespoons of water) and add it to sour cream; mix thoroughly and add fruit jelly. Place it into the refrigerator until full gelation. Before serving place the dish with jelly into hot water for 2-3 seconds and turn jelly to a plate. Enjoy!


Jelly packed in bundles made of polyethylene, 11 х 14,5 cm/90 g.


50 pcs./box = 4,5 kg

Period of Storing:

12 month at a temperature of about 200 С and relative humidity of 70%.