Plant Ash (Hardwood Ash, Sunflower Ash, Ash Blend)

Plant ash (Hardwood Ash, Sunflower Ash, Ash Blend)

Plant ash (hardwood ash, sunflower ash, ash blend) is potassic-phosphorous fertilizer. It is a powder type of grey color with high content  of potassium, phosphorus and calcium. It is used as an effective natural  multiple-nutrient fertilizer which provides plant nutrition and has the property to cut down soil acidity. Valuable in plant nutrition and acid soils liming. Recommended as an additive for vegetable and flower seeding. Application rate relies on soils acidity. Perfect in pest control. Ash has preventive properties to oppose plant diseases.  Packing: 25 kg.

Ash completed examinations in the National Scientific Centre “Soil Research and Fertilizer Science Institute named after A. Sokolovsky”, National University of Biological Resources and Natural Management, Quality Assurance Laboratory of Ukrainian Agricultural Industry.