Remodent is a dental medicinal product of the coming generation

Remodent is a dental medicinal product of the coming generation.

This is a medicated product derived from animal bone tissue.

Remodent is fine-cristalline powder very soluble in water to be applied as solution or medicine applications.

It contains calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, zink, copper and other trace nutrients.

  • Moisture content, % not above                                             13
  • Protein mass fraction, % not above                                        7
  • Calcium mass fraction, %                                               from 2 to 10
  • Phosphorus mass fraction, %                                        from 0,6 to 4,0
  • Chlorides mass fraction, %  not above                        from 5,0 to 11,0

Areas of Use:

To be applied in compositions of toothpastes, toothpowders, mouth wash elixirs, dental gels, solutions for medicated applications and tooth-wash.

  • prevention of caries;
  • caries incipience and enamel necrosis teratment;
  • superficial dental sensitivity removal in the dental neck area, in cases of enamel erosion and excessive attrition;
  • decrease of bleeding and removal of pathological paradontal inflammation;

Posology and Administration:

Methods of Remodent application to be selected in accordance with purposes of use.

Caries prophylactic means use of Remodent after thorough teeth cleaning; Remodent is used as 3% water solution prepared by means of dilution (3 g of powder in 100 ml of boiled water). The agent is used by means of mouth wash during 3-5 minutes or as applications in individual custom trays/special tips. Number of mouth washes: 10; number of preventive courses: from 2 to 4 in accordance with the state of dental tissue.

For caries incipience treatment and in cases of dental sensitivity Remodent is used as applications (3% solution) in a form of quaggy dental cottonwool with remineralized solution spread on affected tooth; duration of the application: 15-20 minutes. During this period the cottonwool shall be soaked again. Next applications to be performed 2-3 times a week in accordance with the same method.

After use of Remodent it is necessary to refrain from eating during next 2 hours.

Treatment success, remineralization therapy duration and the necessity of retreatment to be shown by dimensional changes, surface, density, brilliance and color of demineralization niduses, as well as by changes of color density (methylene blue) on the affected area.

Long-term experience of Remodent use in preventive dentistry allows to recommend this high-potent medicinal product in the everyday practice.

Polypropylene big bags with polyethylene liner, net weight: 10 kg.

Period of Storing:
36 months at temperature from 18 to 20 0C and relative humidity not above 75%.