Technical Fat (Rendering), Grade 3 (National Standard GOST 1045-73)

Technical Fat (Rendering)

Technical fat (rendering) is viscous mass of color from light to dark brown with characteristic odor.

Technical Fat Production

Technical fat of 3rd grade obtained in bone glue production by means of cattle bone extraction.

Physical and Chemical Features

Item Brand Standards
Moisture weight ratio %, not above 1,50
Acid number, mg КОН, not above Not rated
Unsaponifiables weight ratio, %
not above
Pour point of fatty acids 0С, not less 32

Use of technical Fat:

  • household soap production
  • lubricating stuff production
  • bio-fuels production
  • glycerin production


Loading in truck-mounted and rail tanks.
Loading temperature: min. 45 0С, density: 0,890 g/cm3.

Period of Storing